Jill Hudson: Preparing for the challenges of tomorrow

The world that the church inhabits is changing, and pastors, congregations and denominations need to learn new ways to define effectiveness.

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Comment by Bill Longman on July 16, 2011 at 12:41pm
So we should have a willingness to do things differently?  What would that be I am wondering.  For as mentioned it isn't just in worship style but more in some missional style it would seem.  Recently moving to New England I see a different scene than in the Middle West.  "Church" just doesn't seem as important though social concerns don't seem diminished.  Right now many folks are simply absent from Sunday services and might be on the Cape for the summer.  There will be a Welcome Back Sunday on the 2nd Sunday in September.  But welcome back to what I am wondering?   Just being present and accounted for once again?



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