When It Starts to Make Sense . . . I've probably gotten off track

Have you noticed that the trouble with transforming a congregation, region, or denomination is that we are often motivated by a crisis that threatens to unseat us from where we are already comfortable and in control?

Is anyone else just a bit miffed after learning that even the best technological approaches fail when I try to engage in this work without any intention of becoming - myself - transformed? 

Sitting through workshops at the Children's Welcome conference today with a focus on forming spiritually and emotionally healthy young disciples of Jesus reminded me that engaging in all the aspects of transforming work - over time - reveals my still sacred  illusions and my untreated internal wounds.  

I simply cannot do the work of transforming without continually doing the internal work of becoming more of who I was created to be - not perfect, but authentic, forgiven, and unconditionally loved.

So here's to the ones who immerse themselves in the work and in the process move more deeply into integrity, finding joy in being pruned and tried and knowing peace in loving others into freedom as God's beloved.

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