Stone-Campbell Ministry and Relief Work in Haiti

Originally published on, 15 January 2010. Anyone who is familiar with how to give through Disciples-affiliated ministries is encouraged to comment with this information.

It has been eye-opening for me to learn over the past few days about how many international aid groups representing a wide range of perspectives and methods were already on the ground in Haiti when the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck. There were medical personnel, engineers, social workers, missionaries and a diverse crowd of activists working throughout the country and in myriad ways for the betterment of the nation. Some of these are now missing, some confirmed dead and many, thankfully, alive and well. Christian religious groups from Catholic to Pentecostal and everything in between have been present in the country for years preaching good news and bringing a ministry of hope to this struggling country. The Stone-Cambell communion of churches is one of these groups present in Haiti, so today I'd like to share some sources for news on their current work in Haiti. Also, I'm providing links to charities associated with Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ which are at work in Haiti.
First, the news. The following websites are offering updates and news from the field in Haiti:
  • ICOC HotNews has been posting updates since shortly after the crisis was first reported. This website is affiliated with the International Church of Christ.
  • Living Water Christian Mission works primarily in Gonaives, 85 miles north of Port-au-Prince but has begun organizing relief efforts going into the capital to help church members and family there. This ministry is particulary close to my heart has Salonique Adolphe, a young man I know who studied at Central Christian College of the Bible, is part of this work which is supported by independent Christian Churches.
  • Lifeline Christian Mission, another ministry of independent Christian Churches, actually had American workers on the field when the earthquake struck. They are struggling but making do.
  • Global Ministries, the cooperative mission agency the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) shares with the United Church of Christ, is at work in Haiti and posting updates. The Disciples also had some teams on the ground when the disaster started.
  • Hope for Haiti's Children, a Church of Christ outreach, is posting updates from the field.
Second, who to support? Of course at this point ideology and theology matters far less than saving lives. If you've given through Unicef or the Red Cross, you've done well. If you have yet more giving to do, though, why not support a work that shares Christian convictions rooted in the Stone-Campbell tradition? The following are some options I've found. Yes, there are repeats from the news sources above.
Neither list above is intended to be exhaustive. If you know of other news sources from Haiti or ministries working there which are connected to the Stone-Campbell Movement, please share the info and link in the comments on this post.

Above all, let's pray for Haiti.

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Comment by Susan B. McNeely on February 20, 2010 at 9:14am
Here is a link for the Week of Compassion site for Haiti work: I agree with Rebecca - there is simply no other group where more of your money will go directly to relief.
Comment by Rebecca Woods on January 31, 2010 at 6:45am
Week of Compassion does great work on behalf of Disciples. They are in partnership with Church World Service, which does excellent work. Check out CWS' "Tithe Wall Street Bonuses for Haiti" campaign. I support WOC because with many other orgs (like the Red Cross) a fair amount of your donation goes to overhead. A few years ago, at the Disciples' 2005 General Assembly, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Don Tatlock, a Disciple who works for Church World Service in the Dominican Republic. Really made me understand how important it is to have experienced folks on the ground building relationships with partners before a disaster happens.



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